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Hi. My name is Paul and I’m the CEO of Trouvaille. We began this unlikely adventure in early 2017 and it has evolved since then to what we are today: a small group travel hosting company that is both local and global. As I’m someone who likes to think big, that is exactly what Trouvaille is working to be. However, this whole crazy, fun, scary, exciting endeavor of building a business is all about making the world a better place. That is really our goal at the very core of our company. It’s about you. Your family. Your children. It’s about connecting people. It’s about fostering understanding, it’s about learning of the cultures of the peoples of the world, of appreciating the beauty of our planet, and the realization that we really are in this game of life together. It’s about establishing and reestablishing the common bond of our humanity. Our goal is to do our little part to make your life better by helping you to travel and to, in our view, travel in a more meaningful, purposeful, and fun way. I pretty much chucked the life I had to build the life I want and it’s quite the experience just doing that. However, this is what thrills me. So, I hope you’ll join us at Catalina Craft Pizza tomorrow. I hope you will build a personal relationship with Trouvaille and our company. And I hope you will take a little risk in your life to make your world better and that for others better, too. Cheers, Paul

Paul Hardersen

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of Trouvaille LLC.

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