Why I make a bucket list and update it every year….

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 As I have gone through life I always have found myself reverting to the New Year’s list, where I thoughtfully dream, plan, and pen all those experiences I crave, even if some are still far in the future. I personally have found this beneficial, not only to have tangible goals and dreams to focus on during the hard times and long slogs of life, but to have something to go back too and reflect on. It feels good to see what I achieved, what I learnt along the way, the connections made, and the impact I may have made. Here are two of the trips on offer from Trouvaille that are on mine for the near future, that not only take you somewhere, but open up a world of experiences! HawaiiEverybody loves Hawaii, right? The beauty of the culture, the tropical beaches and lush mountains……the aloha spirit, but this trip will give you something more, a Hawaiian experience like no other. For a week, you will get an experience extending from the sea up to the stars, and beyond. A combination of Hawaii’s most remote beaches, sailing, snorkeling, hiking, star gazing, helicopter tours, fine dining, and luxurious accommodation. You will immerse yourself in the beauty of the underwater coastal system while gaining insight into the fragility and importance of the ocean and her inhabitants. Hiking in Hawaii’s Volcano National Park you will see the dynamic and violent Earth of the Kilauea Crater as well as the Chain of Craters and a helicopter tour from above.  It is from the summit of Mauna Kea at some 13,796 feet, amongst a brilliant sunset, you will see world class astronomical observatories. Then from the Onizuka Visitors Center at 9,200 feet participate in a star and peer party to see sights such as the majestic rings of Saturn, the bands of Jupiter, or the mottled surface of Mars. Take a look at our home page on https://trouvailletravel.org for the list of everything included — it’s pretty epic! Dates: April 7-14, 2018.   South FloridaIf you want the stars, but gators and food are more your thing, then why not try our Florida food and wine trip! Experience the South Beach Food and Wine Festival and delve into gastronomic and vino delights. Later, undertake an Airboat ride through the everglades while learning about the swamp ecology within the beauty of America’s largest swampland. Then a visit to the NASA Kennedy Space Center and Astronaut Hall of Fame, where you will learn the history of man’s continual expansion in space through the America’s space exploits, giving a brief glimpse into what it really takes to get us from the Sun to Mars and to Pluto to….. beyond. And just think, all this within the South Beach and Miami Beach around you. Dates: February 18-25, 2018.  

Paul Hardersen

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of Trouvaille LLC.

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