Trouvaille, Trust, and You

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Hi there! My name is Paul and I happen to be the CEO of Trouvaille. I write some of the blog posts on the Trouvaille blog. The main reason I’m posting this now, on this Saturday, as I sit here typing on my computer is to say thanks for following us. We are working to show you that we are worth your time, your business, your friendship, and your trust. Trust. It really is important. In a world where there is often not a lot of trust going around, we want to be an example of a company, a group of people, an organization that treats your trust as a sacred gift. After all, our goal is to build a community. A community of travelers who help each other, share experiences, travel more often, and live more fulfilling lives. If you had asked me prior to 2017 if I would be here typing this to you and working to build a company, I would have said you were nuts. However, it happened and I’m very glad it did. I find the travel business exhilarating, I find helping people achieve their travel goals a rush, and I am truly happy when people break their personal boundaries, extend themselves, and become better persons for doing it. That’s what Trouvaille is all about. Trust. Travel. Expansion. Breaking boundaries. So, I hope you will trust in Trouvaille. We are here to help you achieve your travel goals, pure and simple. Call us, write to us, send us suggestions, go on trips with us. With a focus on you, a great set of travel hosts, an expanding set of truly outstanding trips, and with more in the works, we are working every day to help you and to bring the world and its peoples closer together. After all, it’s a small world and we are all a part of it. We need to stick together. https://us.trucrowd.com/equity/offer-summary/697-Trouvaille-LLC-Arizona-85715     

Paul Hardersen

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of Trouvaille LLC.

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