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Trouvaille Crowdfunding Campaign Update

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Trouvaille is conducting a crowdfunding campaign to raise $107,000 and is looking for travelers, investors, and all people who have a commitment to improving the travel industry and making the travel experience better for all travelers. Managed through Trucrowd, Trouvaille is offering a share price of $200 that is designed to attract investors big and small. With a comprehensive strategy that focuses on Trouvaille’s signature small group travel experiences, excellence in customer service, custom trip planning, and corporate travel services, Trouvaille has developed a vision and a business model that is scalable, expansive, and global. Our ultimate goal is to become the first nationally-known small group travel company in the United States.

Learn more and we invite you to join us: Trouvaille Crowdfunding Campaign.

You can also find us on Newchip here: Trouvaille on Newchip.

Visit our website here: Trouvaille Website.

Paul Hardersen

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of Trouvaille LLC.

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