The Caribbean awaits…

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At Trouvaille, we are constantly working to add more life-enhancing trips to our portfolio. This is our mission as we are striving to become a truly global entity in the travel industry with our all-inclusive, experiential travel offerings. We ultimately want to give our customers, supporters, and members a very large and diverse array of travel options that will help them to achieve their individual or family travel goals, bucket lists, and needs. We’re off to a great start with unique trips in the U.S. (Hawaii and South Florida) and abroad (Peru, Italy, the U.K., Greece, and Montenegro). However, as they say, we have only just begun! Our current focus is to make Trouvaille a regular and prominent member of the travel community in the Caribbean: from BVI and Puerto Rico and the way to Grenada and Trinidad/Tobago. We are currently planning a multi-island Caribbean small-ship sail in August 2018 (https://www.trouvailletravel.org/trouvaille-feature) to several Windward Islands while also working to soon offer a luxury catamaran sail to Puerto Rico and nearby islands over the upcoming Christmas/New Year holiday season. The Caribbean is replete with lovely weather, unique histories and cultures on each island, fruity tropical drinks (of course!), and the ability to simply enjoy a more relaxed, laid-back, chill environment. We are focusing on small ship experiences, rather than the big cruise ships, because we want to give people a true sailing experience while they also enjoy the sights and experiences on the different islands. In short, we want you to come away from our trips feeling energized, revitalized, alive, and with a greater realization and understanding of the wonderful world in which we live.  We are also investigating ways to help people afford our travel by offering convenient payment options such as layaway plans. For example, if you commit to traveling with us, we will offer you the ability to make several installment payments rather than following the typical option of making a 50% deposit right away. Experiential travel is a rather large investment and we want to help people make their dreams a reality and we will continue to work on ways to open up global, experiential travel to everyone. We are accessible almost 24/7 via our website and our phone: 1.800.983.3652, Ext. 2. We exist because of our true love of travel and our desire to share it all with you. Trouvaille ~ a lucky find, for you!       

Paul Hardersen

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of Trouvaille LLC.

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