Spa retreats, lobstering adventures, and more!

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Happy Sunday everyone! Activity at Trouvaille continues to increase on several fronts as we work to develop unique, fun, expansive trips in the U.S. and abroad that will appeal to a wide range of travelers, young and old, novice and experienced, adventurous and curious, budget-conscious and luxury-minded, and more! On top of that, our public crowdfunding campaign continues (https://us.trucrowd.com/equity/offer-summary/697-Trouvaille-LLC-Arizona-85715), we are beginning a coordinated, continual advertising campaign to improve our brand awareness, and we continue to develop our broader mission to develop a global, interconnected, and informative travel community. It’s all about bringing people together and we are proud to be a small part of that effort. Lobstering in Maine. We are developing a 3-day, long weekend lobstering experience in Maine in early June 2019. This effort is in collaboration with GetMaineLobster (www.getmainelobster.com). Travelers will get an inside view of lobstering by going out on the ocean to tend to lobster traps and the catch, learn and experience the complete sea-to-table process and lobster sustainability practices, go on a foodie tour of Portland, and maybe catch a fun beach day, too! Five Star Hippy in Ibiza. Trouvaille is proud to partner with Five Star Hippy (https://www.fivestarhippy.com/) to offer luxury spa retreat experiences in Ibiza this May. Details will be on our website within the next week, so stay tuned, get the gang together, and head over for a unique spa experience in Ibiza! South Caribbean Sail. We still have 6 cabins open. Join us: https://www.trouvailletravel.org/caribbeansail). This is a true sailing experience that will bring out the true sailor in you. From St. Lucia to Grenada, we will island-hop to Bequia, Carriacou, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, and Union Island where you can hike, dine, explore, snorkel, dive, relax, and more! Paul Hardersen and Jazmin Jourdain will be hosting this exciting adventure for our group of Trouvaille travelers. Ireland. Join us for a 10-day adventure in Ireland this August: https://www.trouvailletravel.org/ireland). Our host, James Mueller, has traveled more than 100,000 miles across Ireland and will give you the inside view of the island and its culture! Isle of Man. Join us for a 7-day exploration of Isle of Man this August, next to Ireland, with our fun and knowledgeable travel host, James Mueller. From historical trains to cultural icons and more, it’s the thing to do: https://www.trouvailletravel.org/isle-of-man).       

Paul Hardersen

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of Trouvaille LLC.

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