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I think my 12-day adventure to the Caribbean last summer affected me more than I realized. It was a trip I had drooled over for six months before making the jump and splurging to pay for a 12-day sail on the Island Windjammer’s Vela, a lovely, classic sailing ship that holds ~25 passengers and 10 crew members. I was also going through some changes personal and professionally at the same time. Not terribly happy with my work environment, but also finding the love of my life, I could almost feel that change was emerging from above the not-too-distant horizon. I sensed it; I could almost tangibly feel its presence. Tumultuous events in one’s life can be a blessing or a curse and one usually doesn’t know which it will be when it’s all going down. I certainly had no clue. I just had a growing compulsion deep within me to seek something more, something different, something better to give my mind, heart, my body, the satisfaction, exhilaration, experiences that it needed. I recoiled at the thought of staying in an office for another 20 years doing the same thing and could not escape the increasingly louder voice within telling me (screaming at me?) that there is something better out there. For me, all of this was hardly my character. Growing up as a timid child and taking a good amount of my life to shed my inherent fears and self-doubts, I just had a sense that being bold is now the only way to go. Smartly, of course, but with boldness. When I first saw Vela prior to boarding while on St. Martin June of last year, I felt something inside of me, part exhilaration, part wonderment, part incredulity in the realization that my life is truly in my own hands and I actually do chart the course of the path of my life. It wasn’t just about the ship, it was about the experience about to be had. Casting away the shackles of inhibition and doubt can be a daunting and formidable task, but that is what I did. Sailing on Vela was more than a trip through the Caribbean for me. It was an expansion of my worldview, of my life, of the possibilities that exist for experience. To be open to more than a single road in life, but rather multiple, three-dimensioinal super-highways of experience and excitement. To bond with other people, other places, other views, to understand the vast Earth that we are fortunate enough to exist and live on.  And what has that trip led to? I quit a totally secure job for a more insecure job, I married, I moved, I keep loving my kids and wanting to show them the world, I’m exploring opportunities like never before with an eye on self-fulfillment for myself as well as doing what I can to help and enhance the lives of the people and world around me. I’m just a single person, not different, but better. I still have no clue where all of this will lead, but I do it anyway. Because I must.  So, Trouvaille evolved out of this, too. I truly want Trouvaille to have the vision of the ancient explorers, the daring of the most rebellious pirates, the wiseness of the Renaissance scholars, the kindness of the traditional monks — all with the goal of helping you feel what I felt the day I saw Vela. It changed my life and continues to do so. Take a chance. You just might like it. PSH   

Paul Hardersen

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of Trouvaille LLC.

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