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How to Plan an Amazing Budget-Friendly Adventure for Just the Two of You

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This blog post is courtesy of Zack Spring, from Travelfit.info.

Getting away from it all is good for you as individuals, and it’s also good for you as a couple. If you’re overdue for a vacation, why not plan an adventure together? It can be just the ticket to better health, and with a few handy spending strategies, it doesn’t need to stretch your budget. Read on and we’ll tell you more!

Road Tripping Is Big on Fun, Easy on Budgets

When it comes to planning a trip, Forbes explains that a road trip is virtually always more cost-conscious than flying. Besides, one of the advantages of a road trip is being able to plot a route that takes in multiple destinations.

Planning can be a little mind-boggling since there are so many great places to see, so build together an itinerary that focuses on your final destination, then look at what spots along the way sound fun. Whether you opt for classic Route 66 or the Overseas Highway, you can even use an app like Furkot to help you plot out logical timing, stops, and other details.

If you want to save wear and tear on your vehicle, or if your normal wheels are on the cramped side, renting a vehicle can be the perfect solution. If you go with a national agency, you can even snag discounts and deals on your rental. For instance, you can find coupons, promo codes, and cash back offers on Enterprise Rent a Car from websites like Rakuten. It makes it easy to keep your adventure fun and budget-friendly!

Sleep Under the Stars

Looking for a great way to get in better touch with each other? Sometimes getting in better touch with nature is the perfect solution, and a camping trip is also a budget-friendly way to get away from it all! Instead of buying all the gear, you can always rent it. Or to save on hotels and have more freedom, you can combine it with that cross-country road trip by renting an RV! It’s a great way to get all the advantages of camping, without having to really rough it.

Devil’s in the Details

Looking for a trip that takes to either the skies or the water? At first glance, you might think the best way to save money on a flight or cruise is to fully book your plans, DIY-style. However, as MoneyCrashers explains, there are so many hidden fees involved, you can quickly eat up your travel funds. From fuel surcharges to exit fees, it’s easy to get tripped up in planning what’s supposed to be a budget-friendly trip!

One way around those dollar-draining fees is to book your getaway with an agency like Trouvaille. Trouvaille offers a wide variety of amazing packages, from sailing around the Bahaman Islands to exploring the Land Down Under!

A great adventure doesn’t need to have a giant price tag. Consider a road trip, camping, or a package that gets you and your significant other away from it all. You’ll come back home refreshed, both as individuals and as a couple, and you won’t have the worry of overspending.


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Paul Hardersen

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