Florida, Texas, hurricanes, and solidarity

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Life is not always easy. Actually, the usual case is that life is full of complications, distractions, problems, emergencies, and difficulties. However, it’s important to have the long view and to always have each other’s backs. Regardless of where we come from on Planet Earth, our background, our views, our beliefs, we are all one global community. That is often forgotten in the daily grind of politics and divisiveness, but I want to remind everyone that we have much more in common than not. Today, Hurricane Irma arrives in Florida. The northern Caribbean has been decimated and people have died and are suffering en masse. Hurricane Harvey delivered liquid fury to the Houston area and the recovery there will be long. The impact of Irma is yet to be seen. We all must do our part to help people in need. Even if it’s just a $1 donation, it’s worthwhile. Supplies for cleaning. Basic bedding and food. Clothes. Not everyone has insurance and not everyone is well off. As you go about your daily life, think about the unthinkable: losing everything, people dying around you, you and your family in peril. It’s comforting to know there will always be a helping hand in times like this. Trouvaille is committed to our global community and the wellness of everyone. We will do what we can to help people in need; we hope you will too. Donate now to the American Red Cross: www. redcross.org. UNICEF USA: www.unicefusa.org. Please help as you can.   

Paul Hardersen

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of Trouvaille LLC.

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