Frequently Asked Questions

Trouvaille is dedicated to giving you the best experience for all of our events and trips. However, situations do arise that are beyond anyone’s control and we endeavor to accommodate our members and participants as much as possible. The following cancellation policy will take effect once you have made your trip reservation. Please read the text carefully and write to if you have any questions. Please note: We do not share your information. This is a basic binding agreement according to the terms and conditions stated here between us (the trip supplier) and you (the client). We will contact you directly for sensitive information such as your credit card and passport numbers; we will not charge your card until we have confirmed your reservation.

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Is a passport required?

It is the participant’s responsibility to have a current passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of the trip, as well as associated entry documents necessary for each country of travel. All names on documents must match the legal name on your passport and travel document information must match tickets. Entry laws differ with respect to traveler’s citizenship and Trouvaille will not be responsible for any expense or delays incurred due to a lack of required travel documentation. Trouvaille is also not responsible for the required Visas and documentation for entry and exit to/from all countries visited or transited during a trip.

What about Baggage?

At the owner’s risk. Make sure you check with your carrier as to the latest rules just prior to departure as frequent changes occur.

How do I know what trip is right for me?

This is a personal question and depends on your travel aspirations, goals, and desires. Different trips entail differing amounts of effort, cost, and time. Potential participants should consider their prior travel experiences, how much they are willing to travel to different countries and unfamiliar environments, how much physical activity they wish to exert, and how much they want to be around modern amenities and services vs. a more nature-oriented experience. Individuals and groups considering travel with Trouvaille are strongly encouraged to contact the Trouvaille staff to discuss any concerns about a particular travel destination.

Are there trip attendance minimums?

Trouvaille will conduct its planned trips when at least four paid travelers have signed up for a given trip.

How do I find out about visa requirements?

Please visit the U.S. State Department website for information for Americans traveling abroad.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, then please consult your home country visa requirements.​

Trouvaille will assist people requiring visa assistance as much as is possible, but it is the responsibility of the participant to acquire the necessary passport and/or visa documents prior to the conduct of a Trouvaille trip.

Who pays for airfare?

Airfare is not included in trip prices but can be included as an extra cost at the request of the customer. Trouvaille will search for the lowest possible round-trip airfare for the customer from their nearest international airport or the customer can provide Trouvaille with their lowest possible price for booking. Contact Trouvaille at if you would like us to find the best airfare for you.

Event & Trip Pricing

Event/Trip Prices. All prices for Trouvaille curated events and trips are subject to change at any time. Availability of all events and trips is also subject to change at any time, but we will do our best to accommodate customers as much as possible. Prices are all-inclusive, which includes accommodations, local transportation, some or all meals, admissions fees for activities, your Trouvaille Travel Expert, and your curated welcome gift set. Note that lunches are worth up to $25 and dinners are worth up to $50. If you exceed these amounts for a given meal, then you are responsible for the remainder of the meal cost. Alcoholic beverages are also not included.

What kind of accommodations are included?

Trouvaille chooses accommodations that are suitable for both solo travelers and group travelers. For all trips, accommodations are subject to change, but any change in accommodations will be to equivalent or similar accommodations.

Is travel protection provided?

Trouvaille provides travel protection through TravelSafe Insurance for all international trips created and run solely by Trouvaille LLC. Travel protection for trips within the United States is not included. Trips with Trouvaille Partners will not receive paid travel insurance. Trip and event participants are responsible for their personal medical insurance and any other insurance they deem necessary for their travels. As some trips involve physical activities (e.g., hiking, swimming, etc.), participants should consider their physical capabilities before deciding to reserve a trip. If you have a medical condition, or are pregnant and considering travel, you must consult with your doctor before you travel. This is particularly important if medical conditions require daily routine care, urgent care, or your pregnancy is high risk. You are responsible for disclosing any related information, as Trouvaille will not be able to provide any medical or urgent care services in the event such services are necessary. You are liable for any risks, incidences, or consequences incurred during travel and are highly encouraged to purchase the necessary travel insurance. Trouvaille is available to answer any questions about the itineraries and activities for any trip.

Still have questions?

If there is something that we missed that you’d still like to know, please call us or send us an email. A Trouvaille representative will get in touch with you ASAP.