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Explore the cuisines of the world as Trouvaille and Chef Chic’s Wendy Gauthier prepare multi-course meals from cultures around the world! These are exclusive dining experiences that highlight the cuisines of the peoples and cultures where Trouvaille travels. Prepare for a 3-hour dining experience that highlights the cuisines of Ireland, Isle of Man, Thailand, Arizona, Mexico, Hawaii, the Cook Islands, and more. This is a multi-course dining experience limited to 25 people per event. First-come, first-serve. Attendees will also learn about Trouvaille’s travel experiences associated with each meal. Live music will be available for some events. The location for the meals will be at select locations around Tucson. For group reservations or to book an entire event, contact Trouvaille at


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Irish/Manx (June), Caribbean (August), Cook Islands (October), Maine (December)


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