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Trouvaille is proud to announce that it is now offering full-service travel planning for anyone who would like to take the pain out of traveling and focus on the fun instead. For a flat fee, we will consult with you to devise the itinerary and travel arrangements that suit you, your schedule, and your plans. We will also be in contact with you throughout your travels and be available to assist in any way possible. This type of 24/7 support is something you don’t usually find in the travel industry, but Trouvaille is continually seeking ways to stand out and show everyone how customer service should be done. This service is available for customers participating in Trouvaille trips and for those who are charting their own course.  In addition, we are working to add travel insurance as a part of our trips and experiences. Stay tuned for that. Trouvaille ~ a lucky find for you, and with you every step of your adventure!

Paul Hardersen

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of Trouvaille LLC.

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