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A sea-bound kingdom, the Isle of Man is an emerald of ancient structures, natural beauty, and vibrant modern life. With Celtic, Irish, Norwegian Viking, and British influence sown through its long and fertile history, this 221 square mile haven has a captivating story to tell.

With Trouvaille’s group travel tour, our story begins in the heart of the Island at Douglas, situated on the east coast. A vibrant port town and the Island’s capital, Douglas provides an ideal launching point for our carefully planned excursions.

We embark upon our adventure with a stroll through the Manx Natural Heritage Museum. Their collection spans 10,000 years of history with unique artifacts, treasures, films, and interactive displays. You can immerse yourself in Celtic and Viking heritage as we get ready, over the next six days, to see for ourselves where history was made.

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Our Group Travel Tours Let You Be Carefree

When you visit Isle of Man with Trouvaille, we take care of just about everything. Included in our tour are all accommodations and transportation, all breakfasts and dinners, all tour and admissions costs, all tour gratuities, and travel insurance. Plus we provide pre-trip planning support, a welcome package, 24/7 customer service, and an expert host as a guide from arrival to departure.

The Isle of Man provides sights to entertain a spectrum of interests. For the train or boat enthusiast, we visit local Railway and Nautical museums, as well as ride on a Victorian railway dating from 1895. Castles, tombs, and monuments from entirely different cultures are found remarkably close together. This isle is rich with enduring structures from bygone times, lush valleys, and rugged coastlines.

Snaefell Mountain, or Snow Mountain, climbs to the Island’s highest peak. From there you have a unique view of seven kingdoms: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Heaven, Mann, and the Sea. On day four of our tour, we take the train to the top of Snaefell to savor a sunset dinner.

Beauty, Tranquility, and History

To the southeast of the island discover the Braaid Homestead. In a fertile valley, the stone remains of a Celtic roundhouse rest close to two Viking longhouses, one for people and one for animals.

To the northeast, the Kirk Maughold Church is the oldest on the Island. Founded in only 447 A.D. by a Christian Celtic expelled from Ireland, it is perched on rolling hills by the sea. Longtime a destination for pilgrims, this church has been a silent witness to the unfolding drama that marks this remarkable island’s history. See a rare collection of Celtic and Viking crosses amidst verdant views.

These are just a few of the sights on our seven-day small group tour. You can review each day with our detailed itinerary. Book now to guarantee your place.

Here are the details

Explore the Isle of Man, east off the coast of Ireland, for a travel experience that brings you the history, culture, and life of the Isle like never seen before! Join Trouvaille and our host, James Mueller, for a week-long adventure.

This travel experience includes: All accommodations and transportation while at the Isle of Man; all breakfasts and dinners; all tour and admissions costs; all tour gratuities; and travel insurance. Trouvaille will also provide pre-trip planning support; a welcome package, and 24/7 customer service.

Daily itinerary

Day 1: Failt Erriu

Welcome! Arrive, check in, and get settled at a local Bed & Breakfast. You’ll then have the opportunity to enjoy a walking tour of Douglas and visit the nearby Manx Museum. We will conclude our first day with a group dinner at a local area restaurant featuring classic Manx fare!

Day 2: Port Erin

After breakfast, we will take the train to Port Erin to explore the island’s Railway Museum, spend an afternoon in Castletown, visit a medieval castle, the Nautical Museum, wonder at the Old House of Keys museum, and take in all the history!

Day 3: Laxey

The plan today following breakfast includes a visit to the Electric Railway Museum and a journey to the village of Laxey where we will see the Laxey Wollen Mills and the Neolithic tomb at King Orry’s Grave. Jump back on the train to visit the Great Laxey Wheel, then return to Douglas for dinner and a traditional music “seshoon.”

Day 4: West

Head west after breakfast to Tynwald Hill in St. John’s, Peel Castle, and the House of Manannan. Next, visit The Braaid farmstead with its Norse longhouses. Then, we return to Douglas and ride on the Snaefell Mountain Railway to the highest elevation on the island for a sunset dinner.

Day 5: South

After breakfast, we wander south to explore Manx’s ancient past. Begin at Cronkney Merriu, an Iron Age rampart; then visit Rushen Abbey, a monastery from 1134; and Balladoole, a notable historic monument in Manx. Continue on by exploring the Meayl Hill Neolithic passage grave and the traditional Manx farming and crofting way of life at Cregneash.

Day 6: North

Go north to witness Cashtalyn Ard and a Neolithic Tomb. Then journey off to Kirk Maughold founded ~450 BCE by St. Maughold, the “Manx St. Patrick” and the site of three extant keeills (chapels) and a large collection of Celtic and Viking crosses. Pass through the Royal Ramsey on the way to the Grove Museum of Victorian Life, and then a visit to the Milntown Estate & Gardens before returning to Douglas for our farewell dinner.

Day 7: Departure

Savor a final group breakfast before you depart for home or your next adventure! James will be available to help with post-tour planning and transport to the airport.

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Manx Experience?

Questions? Let us know how we can help, or you can book now online.