Explore Paradise Coast to Coast with Trouvaille’s Big Island Tour

Standing near the coast and surrounded by lush green tropical landscape, the expanse of blue sky dissolves on the horizon into turquoise waters. Hawaii is famously home to shimmering beaches, resorts, waterfalls, volcanos, and abundant ocean wildlife. Trouvaille holds nothing back with this coast-to-coast Big Island tour. Join us to snorkel in the ocean, hike on a volcano, dine on locally sourced fresh food, and take in the Hawaiian sunset from 14,000 feet (see note on Day 3 below).

With our small group travel tour, we plan everything — from arrival to departure and from the ocean to the mountaintops — so you can luxuriate in your vacation.

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Hawaiian Odyssey?

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Hawaiian Vacation for the Active Traveler

We launch our eight-day Hawaiian experience at one of the island’s largest resorts, the Hilton Waikoloa Village, and your vacation residence. The first evening, take in breathtaking ocean views at sunset as we dine at the Kamuela Provision Company. Known for their fresh, local ingredients sourced mostly from the island itself, and a wine suited for every dish.

Each day is a new breathtaking experience. On day five of our group travel tour, we hike down to the green sand beach for a relaxing day of sun and water. A phenomenon created by Olivine, or “Hawaiian Diamond,” this rare green sand is found on only a handful of beaches worldwide.

Your Big Island tour with Trouvaille includes lodging, welcome gifts, all on-island transportation, a snorkeling cruise, a helicopter ride, park entrance fees, breakfasts, dinner on the first and last nights, and lunches as needed. Airfare to and from Kona International Airport is not included.

Waterfalls, Volcanos, and a Private Snorkeling Cruise

Over 250,000 years ago, part of the island’s oldest volcano fell into the ocean in a truly massive landslide. Today, the fertile valley appears carved out by a mysterious hand as cliffs drop sharply towards the black sand beaches of the Pololu Valley, which we explore on day two. Later, stay on deck and enjoy food and drinks, or snorkel with the local sea life during a four-hour private cruise.

Traverse Hawaii’s diverse geography as we hike by waterfalls, helicopter over a rainforest, stroll along a volcano, and rest on the peaceful shore of a tropical beach.

Experience all this beautiful island has to offer with a Hawaiian vacation for the outdoor-loving traveler. You can review the full plan for each of the eight days with our detailed itinerary. Book now to reserve your place.

Here are the details

If you’re going to go to Hawaii, then we think you should see and do it all! Join Trouvaille from April 4-11, 2020, for the most expansive exploration of the Big Island you’ll find anywhere. From coast to coast and from the ocean to the mountaintops, experience all that this beautiful island has to offer.

This trip includes: lodging, all on-island transportation, welcome gifts, breakfasts, two dinners (first/last night), snorkeling cruise, helicopter ride, park entrance fees, and lunches, as needed. Airfare is not included.

Daily itinerary

Day 1: Arrival

After a long flight, you will be greeted by your Trouvaille hosts at the Kona International Airport and transported to the residence at the Hilton Waikoloa Village for check-in and time to rest, refresh, and recharge. This is one of the biggest resorts on the Big Island and there’s much to see, so go for a stroll before dinner! We will have a group dinner at Kamuela Provision Company, with outdoor seating and a beautiful sunset view while we meet each other and learn about the exciting activities for the coming week.

Day 2: Waimea and Snorkeling

After breakfast, we’ll drive north for a scenic view at the Pololu Valley Lookout, where you’ll be able to see the rugged coastline of the island. The group will then descend the trail down to the ocean where you can walk around, explore the beach, and ponder what it’s like to be on a secluded island with no one around. We’ll then drive to Waimea and enjoy an exquisite lunch sourced with local produce and meats at Merriman’s.

In the afternoon, a 4-hour private snorkeling cruise gives us a chance to look for sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and all other manner of sea life. The cruise provides food, drinks, snorkeling gear, and the crew to take us to the best spots on the Kona side of the island to witness the vast diversity of sea life in the area.

Day 3: Dolphins and Astronomy

Spend your morning at the resort where you can swim with dolphins at Dolphin Quest, hang out and swim at the lagoon, get in some spa time at the Kohala Spa, or go shopping at King’s Shops just down the road to explore unique shops, art galleries, and more.

NOTE: Due to the ongoing protests concerning construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) that is currently preventing access to the summit of Mauna Kea, we will develop alternative activities if access is not possible by the time of this trip. We will also have a discussion focusing on the reasons behind the conflict from a variety of perspectives.

In mid-afternoon, we’ll drive to the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy Visitor Information Station at elevation ~9200’ to learn about the massive astronomical observatories on the Mauna Kea summit and how astronomers are working nightly to probe the depths of the cosmos from nearby asteroids to galaxies far, far away! We then continue our trek up the Mauna Kea road to the summit to watch a Mauna Kea sunset, which is not to be missed. At an elevation of almost 14,000 feet, be sure to dress warmly as we aren’t at the beach anymore.

Day 4: Today is Volcano Day!

After breakfast, we’ll head over to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to learn about volcanoes, witness the nearby Kilauea Crater, and take a hike across Kilauea Iki. It’s a surreal scene with steam coming up all around you as you hike across solid lava – and even walk through a lava tube.

After a lunch stop, we’ll drive by areas of past lava flows and down to the active lava flow and, if it’s safe, walk across more lava, gaze at the steam plume as hot lava flows into the ocean, and ponder at the creation of Earth right in front of us.

Day 5: Let’s go hiking!

We’ll spend the day driving to South Point, which is the southern-most geographical location in the United States, and go on a scenic hike to Green Sand Beach (Papakolea Beach). We’ll bring a sack lunch, you bring your swimsuit and towel, and we all hang out at the beach for a relaxing day of sun, green sand, and water. The beach is the site of an eroded volcanic cinder cone that is secluded, scenic, and not to be missed.

Day 6: Anyone like waterfalls?

Today we explore the northeastern side of the island and begin that with a visit to ‘Akaka Falls State Park’. We enjoy a short, easy hike to see Kahuna Falls, ‘Akaka Falls, and all of the surrounding natural beauty.  Lunch is in Hilo a short drive away, followed by visiting sites such as Rainbow Falls, the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, and Liliuokalani Gardens.

Day 7: Let’s go on a helicopter tour!

After breakfast, we’ll drive back to Hilo to board a helicopter to gain an amazing view of the active lava flows and area rainforests on the southeastern part of the island. Helicopter rides in Hawaii are absolutely fabulous, safe, and fun ~ so be sure bring your camera and prepare to be amazed. The rides last about 1 hour. We’ll have lunch in Hilo again, followed by a return to the resort for time to relax, unwind, and reflect on the amazing beauty, diversity, and dynamism of the island. We’ll have a final dinner together at Kamuela Provision Company, toast the adventures of the week, and enjoy the final Hawaiian sunset of this trip.

Day 8: Departure

After breakfast, the Trouvaille staff will ensure everyone is ready to go home and will transport people to the Kona International Airport in plenty of time to make their flights home. We will be available throughout the day to help with logistics, travel arrangements, and to deal with any unexpected problems. Aloha!

Ready for your
Hawaiian Odyssey?

Questions? Let us know how we can help, or you can book now online.