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Creating Change for a Better World

In this year, 2020, we are witnessing the awakening of humanity that has been long overdue. Too long have so many people been marginalized in society, mistreated, and disadvantaged. This blind eye of inequity is now seeing light in the protests, marches, and voices of millions of people in the United States and around the world. It is too long overdue. At Trouvaille, we talk about connections between people, which are so vital to a harmonious world, to understanding, to knowledge, and to advancing all of our common interests. It is important, however, that action is taken because it demonstrates a much larger commitment to address the errors of the past and to create a meaningful future for all of us.

Therefore, in addition to voicing support for people of color, indigenous peoples, and really all of our global family in this time of cultural, societal, and personal transformation, Trouvaille commits to the following actions to do its part in helping to create a better world. First, as the company grows, we commit to having a company where at least 50% of our staff and employees are racial minorities and women. Second, we will employ travel hosts at our global destinations that are indigenous to those societies and who know their country’s history and background. Third, when appropriate, we will highlight specific travel experiences that highlight the contributions of racial minorities and indigenous cultures in the various countries that we visit. This will take time to think about, to develop, and to implement, but this is a commitment that we make to you. We are but a small part of the global human family, but many small actions will lead to large changes.



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Paul Hardersen

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of Trouvaille LLC.

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