Blarney stones, jungles, and ?????

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As we move into November, Trouvaille is quickly developing new travel options that will extend our reach to more parts of the world and to offer the type of diverse, unique, curated trips and experiences that people should enjoy when they travel. With that goal in mind, we are developing unique experiences that will take Trouvaille Travelers to Ireland, Cyprus, and Vietnam beginning in 2019. These will join our current intrepid excursions in the U.S. (Hawaii, Florida, Napa Valley, and more!), our increasing efforts to offer multiple Caribbean options (small ship sailing, St. Lucia island experience), South America (Machu Picchu, Peru), and several spots in Europe (Tuscany, London, France). While just in the beginning stages of development, this potential expansion fulfills our mission to be THE global travel-hosting company for individuals, families, groups, and companies who want to experience, enjoy, and be immersed in our wonderful world.  Simply, we want to be with you to these locales from beginning to end, giving you experiences of a lifetime, taking the worry and stress out of travel, and ensuring that you live the life that YOU want to live. With travel, of course! So, stay tuned, join our email list at www.trouvailletravel.org, send any questions or ideas to info@trouvailletravel.org, and stand by for more.     

Paul Hardersen

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of Trouvaille LLC.

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