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Trouvaille Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision: Trouvaille’s vision is to connect people; to bring people together to better understand, experience, and appreciate the amazing diversity of the peoples, cultures, histories, and natural environments of our planet. We are a small group travel experience company that is dedicated to transforming the travel industry through meaningful and immersive travel experiences. With our focus on small group travel led by expert hosts, Trouvaille Travelers experience the culture, the history, the natural beauty, the cuisine, and the authentic “vibe” of each destination. You don’t just visit our destinations; you live them! In addition, by offering nearly all-inclusive travel and personalized customer service that is second to none, we make travel easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Our Mission: Trouvaille accomplishes its mission by focusing on three activities:

• Our Trouvaille Signature Travel Experiences offer annual, uniquely-curated, and expertly hosted small group travel experiences in the U.S. and around the world. Our small group travel experiences are designed for small groups ranging from 4-20 travelers.
• Our Trouvaille Day Trips offer all-inclusive day experiences in select U.S. cities that highlight the unique cultures, cuisines, histories, and natural beauties of our destinations. We currently offer day trips in Tucson, Arizona, and New York City, but we plan to offer day trips in every U.S. state.
• Our Business-to-Business services where we offer comprehensive, turnkey travel solutions for businesses small and large. From day trips and small group travel experiences to travel planning for events of all sizes, we are a partner in helping businesses succeed.

Our Values: Trouvaille values the basic integrity and decency of all people from all cultures and all walks of life, we value open and respectful communication and discussion, we value personal discovery as a way to learn and grow as an individual, we respect our collective similarities and differences, and we value sustainability and the wise use of resources on our planet.

Your Long-Term Travel Partner

Trouvaille is not your typical small group travel company. We are also not a travel agency. We are much more! Trouvaille is nurturing an authentic, vibrant travel community through meaningful, memorable, and expertly planned experiences. Our goal is to become your partner in travel and we want to help you achieve all of your travel aspirations now and in the years to come!

Another part of Trouvaille’s mission is to connect the people of the world to foster understanding across nations and cultures, while witnessing the beauty of our planet. We are a leader in sustainable, experiential, and life-affirming small group tours.

We are proud to announce our being selected as a 2019 Finalist for the Arizona Daily Star's Readers's Choice contest for the small group travel category.

Travel The Trouvaille Way

Yea, that's right!

About Our Team

When a few seasoned adventurers gathered to review their amazing finds around the world, the idea for a new kind of group travel company was born. Trouvaille’s guides love to explore, and aim to deliver more than just a great vacation. We want you to walk away with a sense of connection to the culture, history, and beauty of that location.

Fabulous destinations, unique and engaging experiences, the companionship of fellow travelers, safety in numbers, life-enhancing discoveries, and simple joys comprise travel with Trouvaille.

Meet our team!

Paul S. Hardersen

Chief Executive Officer

One of the co-founders of Trouvaille, Paul serves as the Chief Executive Officer and as a host for several of Trouvaille’s travel destinations. Paul is originally from Davenport, Iowa. He finished high school having never ventured east of Silvis, Illinois, and hungered to see the world. To date, Paul has explored the Caribbean, England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Romania, Israel, Singapore, Hawaii and most U.S. states. As a young adult, Paul served honorably in the U.S. Navy for almost 5 years, and then attended college at Iowa State University (BS, geology; BA political science) and Rensselaer Polytechnic University (M.S., Ph.D., geology). He then worked as an associate professor at the University of North Dakota. Currently Paul works out of Tucson, Arizona, and is devoting the majority of his time to establishing Trouvaille as the premier small group travel company in Tucson, Arizona, and the greater United States. He is also father to twins. Paul describes his love of travel as a deeply felt desire to live the best life possible. With Trouvaille, he is both scientist and explorer, and daring to be more than what he has ever been. He invites you leave the beaten path and delve into the undiscovered country with him.

Sarah Nolan


Sarah helps Trouvaille with the administration, policy development, and trip hosting. An Australian native living in the U.S., Sarah is an alumna of Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. There, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Public Health and subsequently studied with the United Nations. Sarah is passionate about community, sustainable development, and travel. In retrospect, she feels blessed her parents moved from the United Kingdom to New Zealand when she was a child because her time in New Zealand ignited her interest in the environment and caring for this world. After 23 years living in Australia raising four awesome kids, Sarah happily relocated to Tucson, Arizona. She finds it an excellent base to explore all corners of the United States!

James Mueller

Ireland & Isle of Man Travel Host

James serves as a Trouville host for our Ireland and Isle of Man cultural adventures. His story began 20 years ago with a simple question: "Do you want to go to Ireland?" At the time, James was a post-graduate who enjoyed Irish céilí dancing on the side. Who would have guessed that one request by his then-dance instructor to plan and execute their first trip would lead to over 100,000 miles of driving through Ireland, plus excursions to England, Scotland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and Austria? Now a certified Irish dance instructor and adjudicator, Jim shares his 20 years of travel experience in Europe with Trouvaille.

Russell Cischke

Business Advisor

Russell works for Newchip, a crowdfunding accelerator and fundraising platform based in Austin, Texas. Russell serves as a business advisor to Trouvaille and provides advice and consultations, as needed.

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