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Trouvaille Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision:

To offer people a way to break their personal boundaries, to engage in self-discovery, to connect with other people, and to join with kindred spirits to build a better world.

Our Mission:

To combine the capabilities of a tour operator with a travel agency to offer a truly comprehensive, progressive, and personal travel company to the public. Trouvaille accomplishes its mission by focusing on the following activities:

  • Our Travel Agency Services assist people in planning their adventures anywhere in the world. We will provide personal, custom, and attentive service to ensure every traveler experiences the world in the way that adds to the quality of their life.
  • Our Trouvaille Signature Travel Experiences offer annual, uniquely-curated, and expertly hosted small group travel experiences in the U.S. and around the world.
  • Our Trouvaille Day Trips offer all-inclusive day experiences in select U.S. cities that highlight the unique cultures, cuisines, histories, and natural beauties of our destinations.
  • Our Business-to-Business services offer comprehensive, turnkey travel solutions for businesses small and large.
  • We advocate for our One Ocean, One World Initiative as a way to highlight the importance of the oceans to our world, and to provide educational, travel, and philanthropic opportunities to the general public.

Our Philosophy & Values:

  • To work every day to help people, to be stewards of the environment, and to do our part in making the world better and healthier for everyone.
  • We are committed to equity and social justice. We pledge to employ a staff that reflects society, which means a staff that is at least 50% female and cultural/racially reflective of society.
  • We commit to operate our offices and trips in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible. This ranges from powering our offices with solar/wind power to using electric vehicles for our trips.
  • To be the first travel company to be a zero-carbon emitter in all its operations. While this is not possible today, this is a long-range goal that we will strive to accomplish.

Your Long-Term Travel Partner

Trouvaille is not your typical travel company. We are combining the uniqueness of custom-made travel experiences with the services of a travel agency to provide a truly one-stop-shopping experience for all of your travel needs. 

Our small group travel services offer in-depth experiences into the culture, history, nature, and cuisines of the destinations where we travel. From the U.S. and the Caribbean to Europe and Asia, we are expanding to provide you with unique, fun, and fulfilling ways to explore the world. We also offer all-inclusive day trips in select U.S. cities and regions to highlight the character and charm of each locality.

Our travel services include booking services (airfare, hotel, rental car, activities), trip development and itinerary planning, travel advice, and group travel planning assistance. Wherever you want to go in the world, we’ll help you get there!

Trouvaille is a certified CCRA travel agency and tour operator. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Southern Arizona. Our team includes dedicated tour leaders and travel associates with certifications from The Travel Institute and the CTA Network.

We are proud to announce our being selected as a 2019 Favorite for the Arizona Daily Star's Readers' Choice contest for the small group travel category.

Travel The Trouvaille Way

Yea, that's right!

About Our Team

When a few seasoned adventurers gathered to review their amazing finds around the world, the idea for a new kind of group travel company was born. Trouvaille’s guides love to explore, and aim to deliver more than just a great vacation. We want you to walk away with a sense of connection to the culture, history, and beauty of that location.

Fabulous destinations, unique and engaging experiences, the companionship of fellow travelers, safety in numbers, life-enhancing discoveries, and simple joys comprise travel with Trouvaille.

Meet our team!

Paul Hardersen

Paul S. Hardersen, CTA

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Paul Hardersen is currently serving as the founder and Chief Executive Officer for Trouvaille. His passion for travel and exploration led him to the creation of Trouvaille with the desire to help people from all backgrounds and locations to explore their world through travel and to truly connect with people from around the world. Throughout his life thus far, Dr. Hardersen has traveled extensively and that includes most U.S. states, Caribbean islands from St. Martin to Grenada, England, Italy, Israel, France, Germany, Romania, and Singapore. He is a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) for the greater Tucson metro region. He also possesses a Certified Travel Associate (CTA) certification through The Travel Institute.

Dr. Hardersen's past accomplishments include earning undergraduate degrees in political science and geology from Iowa State University and Master's and Ph.D. degrees in geology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has more than 15 years experience conducting basic scientific research on the compositions of main-belt asteroids via NASA research grant funding and has extensive experience teaching both undergraduate and graduate college students.

Sarah Nolan

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah helps Trouvaille with the administration, policy development, and trip hosting. An Australian native living in the U.S., Sarah is an alumna of Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. There, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Public Health and subsequently studied with the United Nations. Sarah is passionate about community, sustainable development, and travel. In retrospect, she feels blessed her parents moved from the United Kingdom to New Zealand when she was a child because her time in New Zealand ignited her interest in the environment and caring for this world. After 23 years living in Australia raising four awesome kids, Sarah happily relocated to Tucson, Arizona. She finds it an excellent base to explore all corners of the United States!

Therese Perreault, CTA

Travel Host

Therese Perreault brings an authentic and hospitable approach to small group travel and cultural retreats. Born and raised in Boston, but now living in the desert of Tucson,
Therese continues to pursue her passion for photography and storytelling and weaves her creative energy into every travel adventure. She is also a fine art documentary photographer, media producer, digital storyteller and facilitator, certified yoga teacher, activist, cultural worker, marketing connoisseur, gardening/hoe, and hospitality queen.

Therese has lived in Maine, Florida, Arizona, London, Mexico, and Italy. She has traveled throughout the US, Caribbean, and Great Britain. She is a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) for the Tucson metro region.

Stephanie Jaworski

Travel Host

Stephanie is very sociable, positive, and detail oriented. These qualities are brought to all of the excursions and events that she is involved with. She has been very active in the world of Fashion with her own company, Fashion 1st, which has brought her to be very much involved in many of the events of the major fashion designers from around the world. She has always had a love for dance which led to her love for ice skating, particularly ice dance. She skates weekly and has been a competitor with a synchronized figure skating team that has brought her to numerous locations around the country. She has also been on the board of the Skating Club of New York since 2009. In that capacity she has been very actively involved in managing competitions and helping to organize trips for the skaters. In recent years her career in the travel industry has blossomed. She has been hosting, organizing and coordinating various trips and events for school groups, seniors and families both in New York and around the north east. Growing up in the “Ocean State,” Rhode Island, Stephanie has always had a love for the beach and has never met an oyster that she didn't like! She originally moved to New York to study psychology at Fordham University and has lived in NYC ever since.

James Briscoe

Travel Host

Jim is a born and bred Arizonan and has made Tucson his home for all of his life. He brings his deep expertise in Arizona history, mining, and geology to Trouvaille and leads several of our day trips across southern Arizona. He has been involved in geology and mining for more than 50 years and has an undergraduate and Master's degree in geology from the University of Arizona. Jim is also currently serving as the CEO and Chief Geologist of JABA US Inc. Uranium & Metals Corporation, which has been operating since 1988. He has significant international experience in the course of his mining business and brings his geological expertise in mining to share with locals and visitors to southern Arizona.

Russell Cischke

Business Advisor, Newchip

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