10 Zen life lessons from my Cat.

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1. I don’t rush for anything (unless it’s dinner): My cat does not rush for anything but her dinner (unless she has a case of the zoomies or she smells bacon). Rushing when not required can cause mistakes, accidents, lead to exhaustion and have you so distracted you overlook things that you ordinarily wouldn’t . That means also missing wonderful opportunities that present themselves. It’s being in the moment enough to catch these random moments that you usually find the best of things and make the best of memories. You can talk to us here at Trouvaille about ways we can help you do this. 2. Personal grooming is self-care and it is important: Personal grooming is important, it’s all about self-care, looking after yourself, particularly when you have a lot of additional responsibility. But another part of self-care is having a work life balance, with downtime to relax, explore and enjoy. What better way to do this is to try those things you have always wanted to try but have never felt like you’ve had the opportunity. You can talk to us here at Trouvaille about ways we can help make any goals or dreams affordable and accessible. 3. I pick my battles: Energy is finite, our breaths are finite, my tolerance level is finite, so why waste these finite levels on battles that serve no personal benefit or expansion. Everyone is following their own path, everyone is battling their own battles, it’s not worth being drawn into. I suggest doing something fun instead, perhaps number 9 on this list. If not you can always try sailing, or one of our other trips or activities! 4. Enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the rain: Doesn’t everyone love the Arizona sunshine! I mean people come from all over the country during the winter months to stay and enjoy the milder kinder winters. But I have to admit, with that I really do love the monsoon rain, just as I enjoy being able to sit in a hot tub during those winter months, I also enjoy sitting on my patio with a glass of wine on those summer evenings and watch those storms roll in. I guess the point here is, it doesn’t matter if you like something different, there is always something for you. 5. It’s ok to be fabulous: Really, I don’t think you should shy away from the fabulousness that you are. If God gave it to you, flaunt it I say…….this now leads into number 6 on this list. (also what better place is there to be fabulous than on a sailing ship, we have sails in Mexico and the Caribbean by the way) 6. Yes, why you can take my picture: Catching memories is really very important, and I admit, I love looking at peoples travel photos. We not only encourage you to share these photos (and stories on our Facebook and Instagram pages), but also will be more than happy to take the photos of you while on our trips! 7. Extra gravy is always a good idea: So going back to number 1 on the list here, this is why the cat likes to rush to her dinner bowl. She loves gravy, and I can’t blame her, I also love a good gravy, and am also always looking out for new and different recipes for gravies and sauces if anyone wants to share (this is a household that loves to cook from scratch). I always think it is integral that you experience what you find delicious in life. By delicious we not only mean gastronomically, although good food and drink is a part of a good journey. But we mean those experiences, adventures and connections that bring you joy. After all, why else are we here if not to enjoy all things deliciousness in all forms that make our life that little more special. 8. I’m quite happy with who I am, that’s all that matters: My cat came from a rescue shelter where she had spent most of her life. She was a bit different and no one really wanted her. She’s sassy house panther that talks a lot, is slightly overweight and gets stuck in small places. Being such an independent creature (until she got herself stuck because she miscalculated her ability to fit under the entertainment unit) we realized she was quite happy just having us around and didn’t need as much attention as other cats. We understand that travelers can often feel the same way, there are different needs. So we at Trouvaille try our hardest to ensure that you stay in your happy place by adapting and tailoring what we can with our trips. We may be travelling in a group, but we aren’t taking away the individual experience. 9. I’m not going to worry about it, I will just sleep: Sometimes when the going gets tough the kitty likes to go napping. It’s amazing how stepping away from a situation or problem and relaxing and recharging helps gain clarity on a situation. This also goes back to number 3 on this list, sometimes the best thing you can do is release and relax. We have some good ideas for relaxing here at Trouvaille, you should talk to us about them! 10. I only watch what really matters, the rest I ignore:  My cat, like most cats can come across as a bit of a snob. But I realized she is not really being the feline princess of ignorance I give her credit for, she is simply using her energy in an effective and efficient manner. Ok, so I may be a bit delusional about the depth of my cats behavior, but there is a good lesson here! You are better off only watching what really matters and ignoring the rest. It is so easy to become overwhelmed with real life news, social media, life in general. So it’s really important to find a way to switch off and focus on what really matters to you. There is only so much you can control in life, so you may as well focus on what really matters to you and just let the rest go. What better place to let it go is than doing something you haven’t done before!   Don’t forget to check our upcoming trips and activities!    

Paul Hardersen

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of Trouvaille LLC.

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