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Trouvaille’s vision is to bring people together to better understand, experience, and appreciate the amazing diversity of the peoples, cultures, histories, and natural environments of our planet.


“We had an amazing time. I would recommend Trouvaille to anyone interested in having an experience of a lifetime.” K. Arnett, Dewitt, IA

Small groups. Expert Guides. Personalized service. Unique experiences.

Trouvaille guides you to the best of each extraordinary destination. Our accomplished hosts plan and lead the way for an exciting and safe travel experience. We take care of the details while you relish the adventure. Discover new places, meet new people, unearth the history, delight in local cuisine, and make unforgettable new connections.

Each Trouvaille guide is a travel connoisseur who expertly plans our small group guided tours in exotic, stunning, and historically important locations around the globe. Immerse yourself in each destination with uniquely curated daily activities. Learn about the local ways of life, see breathtaking natural wonders, and make each place your own.

Trouvaille means lucky find because with travel, you never know what wonders will find you.


February 15-22, 2020

Napa Valley:
November 6-9, 2020

September 2020

Get the Real, Local Experience of Each Destination

At Trouvaille we’ve lived the astounding benefits of travel. It can challenge us. New people, tastes, and experience expand our minds and open our hearts. Travel can break us out of a rut, create memories with loved ones, or restore hope after a tough life transition.

For the busy person who craves adventure but doesn’t have weeks and months to plan, we offer more than a guided tour. We share our passion for exploration and travel through immersive experiences at each global destination.

Expert Guidance

Each Trouvaille host shows you the best of each destination through our expertly created itineraries.

Curated Travel Experience

From must-see attractions to specialized backroad experiences, we focus on the history, culture, natural beauty, and cuisine of each location.

Small Groups

We offer personalized service, safe travel, and opportunities to make new friends along your journey.

Visit places you've only imagined. Browse our destinations worldwide.